True counseling leads us to an understanding of who we are in the sight of God. Once there, we can experience a healing of our Mind, Body and Soul.

Family Therapy

We use a family systems model of therapy when working with parents and children. This means that we see the family as a living organism. Each member of the family system moves and affects other members.

The system is always attempting to achieve health and balance. Unhealthy family systems, however, use mal-adaptive and destructive ways to correct or balance the family system.

We help the family members to identify the main areas of conflict within their system. Then we work to empower each member to take positive and proactive steps to bring about change and health to the family system. Along with Family Systems theory, we supplement with other proven modalities to help each unique family in the healing process.

There may be times when individual members of the family may need his/her own therapy in this process. Also, parents can benefit from parenting education and counseling. This helps the couple to help identify the areas of weakness in their family, and then work together to bring about positive and healthy change.